Alex Messina drops ‘I Don’t Know’

Kicking off with a funky synth melody, Alex instantly transports you to the 80s and 90s with the fresh sound of ‘I Don’t Know’. Keeping with the theme, a pumping bassline and bright synth drive the track before blending a mixture of rap and spoken word samples creating a cool and unique twist.


A range of arpeggios complement and back up the vocals whilst adding another dimension to the track. ‘I Don’t Know’ is an amalgamation of all the best features of Progressive, House and Hip Hop and is an all-round feel good track. As Alex is constantly switching up and developing his sound you can always expect to hear something totally crisp and distinct.


Alex’s music comes with an element of detail and quality that is rare to find as his passion for music runs below the surface where he in enamoured with the frequencies and waveforms that create such beautiful sounds in our ears. His previous releases such as ‘The Light After Dark’ and ‘Start Again’ are a tribute to his passion and displays facets of creativity like no other.


Alex prides himself on the fact that he is fluid with the genres he creates and is inspired by as it gives him the opportunity to experiment with blending genres together and including classical instruments with dance rhythms such as Techno, Bass and Progressive. As he merges his past and present styles to deliver a unique and contemporary take on dance music, he is creating his very own space within the dance scene.


Alex Messina’s ‘I Don’t Know’ is out now.


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