Archives for February 2020

WNDR releases ‘Everywhere You Are’

Norwegian electronic sensation and Sony Music alumni WNDR is back with a brand-new release called ‘Everywhere You Are’. Starting off stripped back, the track in consumed by smooth vocals before the percussion led build up prepares you for the deep and groove house drop that follows. The drop is paired with WNDR’s even silkier falsetto […]

Clambake & Rav3era drop ‘Follow You’

Kicking off 2020 with a bang, Swiss brothers Clambake and Rav3era are back with a brand new single titled ‘Follow You’. Using their background in classical music where they trained in both Clarinet and Drums to really enhance the intricacies of their music paired with their inspiration and love of artists like Hardwell and Afrojack, […]

Ernest Kalinin drops long awaited EP ‘Lollipop Lady’ on Brook Gee Records

Russian DJ and producer, Ernest Kalinin returns with the much anticipated ‘Lollipop Lady’ EP, a deep and meaningful release on Australian label, Brook Gee Records. Ernest’s music career as a DJ began not so long ago, but he has already become a fan-favourite for many clubs, record labels and music festivals around the globe.   […]

Vessbroz, Mark Voss and ILYAH join forces to deliver ‘Destiny’

After revelling in the success of ‘Follow Me’ released on Hardwell’s very own imprint Revealed Records back in 2019, the Vessbroz have teamed up once again with Mark Voss to deliver ‘Destiny’ and this time they have recruited the help of vocalist ILYAH.   ‘Destiny’ is everything you could want in a song that gets […]

Check out The Vessbroz’s Janurary ElectroVessel

Most people are glad to see the back of January but not the Vessbroz. They made sure to create 4 outstanding radio shows to celebrate all of the incredible releases that the EDM scene has to offer. 2019 saw the Vessbroz release tracks with Revealed Recordings, Harmor Records and fully established their own imprint Vessology […]

Check out Mateo Paz’s January Gain shows

As always, you can rely on Mateo to sort through all of the releases in the Progressive House sphere and put all of the very best ones in one convenient place to groove along to. January offers 4 brand new shows ranging from Gain 196 to Gain 199, all of which are bursting at the […]

Check out Sir Ivan’s incredible ‘Happy Together’ remix pack

With an immense career history, Sir Ivan has proved that anything is possible. Sir Ivan’s latest project involves the re-release of his 2009 cover of the Turtle’s 60’s hit ‘Happy Together’ and has spent the last few months working with a variety of super talented producer to develop 5 versions of that track that showcase […]