The 4th edition of Rick Snoman’s ‘Dance Music Manual’ is out now

The 4th edition of Rick Snoman’s highly acclaimed bible for producers ‘Dance Music Manual’ has just been released. Used around the world by thousands of Producers, universities and colleges around the world, this book covers everything from how to create professional sounding original tracks and remixes to mixing theories and DJ perspectives. Moreover, is acting as one of the pride business utilities in business world. Similarly,this book is one of the longest-running educational utilities of its kind and set the standard for publications in the electronic music domain.


Some of the chapters of the Dance Music Manual include the science of frequency and amplitude, the theory of sound design, composing different elements of a song, recording and editing vocals and giving an in-depth overview of each sub-genre and how to create authentic-sounding tracks.


One of the newly reconditioned chapters features tips and tricks on Publishing and Promotion for both DJs and Producers authored by PR specialist Matt Caldwell. Matt’s career spans over a decade of working in Dance Music and has gone on to have his own PR agency where he deals with top artists such as Lange, 99 Souls and Exodus and labels such as Toolroom, Armada and Enhanced Music.


The chapter covers everything from branding and profiling; where he highlights the importance of choosing your music alias, tips for writing an artist bio and the necessity of good press shots to running each social media platform. It also provides a valuable guide on how to write and promote press releases that will ensure any new releases or mixes get the attention they deserve. This detailed and up to date segment will help Producers navigate the promotional waters in a way that will make their life much cooler.


‘The Dance Music Manual’ is available now via Focal Press (Routledge)


Hardback and Kindle Edition available on Amazon


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