Crate digging: An interview with Crack & Crunch

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Records – they’re the reason we all love electronic music. And if you’re of a certain age (or persuasion), then chances are you play or collect the wax. One such man who’s very much a fan of the black stuff is Crack & Crunch, a Belgian producer who’s come to prominence of late courtesy of his output on his own label, Hit By A Truck. So what’s the campest record in his collection? And what’s the cheesiest? We put these questions – and more – to the man himself…

What was the first record you bought? Do you still play vinyl?
Neon Waves. Yes of course, I still play vinyl and digital. I can’t say good-bye to vinyl, I am a fan of the covers!

What was the last record you bought? Why?
Kasbah Zoo – Potoo (Lilith NL Remix)… I like the Massive Attack spirit in it.

What’s your favourite record shop in Belgium?
I had my own record shop for 10 years (Yellow Cab Dendermonde), but before that I went to Music Man. Now I buy mostly through the internet.

If we had 48 hours to go clubbing in Belgium, where would you recommend?
I would surely recommend Café d’Anvers (Antwerp) and Fuse (Brussels) but also one of the many local events or festivals.

What’s been your favourite ever night there?
This one is too difficult to choose, I have been on so many great parties, on exclusive locations, with great people. The only thing that matters is that you are heaving fun, isn’t it?

Was it better in the old days in Belgium? Or is the scene there pretty strong right now?
It is different; now there are more styles, more variety. Clubs have become less attractive, local alternative underground dance parties on the other hand are more popular.

Now…what’s the record you put on when you’re in a good mood?

I am always listening to music, and when I am in a good mood I turn the volume up.

What’s the cheesiest record in your collection?
I can’t say, maybe Bob Sinclar?

What’s the rarest record in your collection?
Spirit of Summer – Ragged Life

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What’s the most ridiculous record you own?
I had lots of them when I played weddings, but now I am already having a hard time choosing between all the good stuff, why would I buy something ridiculous?

What’s the most camp?

In the Navy (a long time ago I played at wedding parties, I admit!)

Which one really showcases your eclecticism?
I cannot think of any record in particular, my collection is rather diverse.

What’s the one record you play more than any other? And what track has been a constant in your sets over the past while?
I don’t have such a track; I always play other tracks; there are so many great records. I always have a few classics in my case, but it depends on the party if I’ll play them or not.

What’s the record you could have done without in your collection?

I only know the records I like, if I have bad records, and I surely have, I cannot remember them. 

What are you working on right now?
I am always working on new tracks, it has become an addiction, releasing them is however more difficult, it is like I am never completely satisfied, although my friends really like my tracks. I am always hesitating, modifying this and that. Deciding which one I will release next is even more difficult.

What are you working on right now that’s really keeping you busy?
New tracks for my label Hit By A Truck Records and for other labels that I like and play, the new release with Umlaut on my label, Hit By A Truck Records.


Crack & Crunch’s Wires is out now on Hit By A Truck