Five Reasons BoomTown Fair Kicks Festival ASS!


BOOMTOWN FAIR: a world of absolute pant-wetting, eye popping ridonkulouness. A carnival of the insane, a soiree of the surreal, a music festival of such magnitude it might one day implode through the sheer pressure of its own awesomeness. If you’ve never encountered this incredible festival, I guarantee, one hit and you’ll be hooked forever. She’s a beauty!

Here are just five reasons this independent festival will blow your bloody tits off!

IT’S INDEPENDENT!: Five years in and the festival valiantly holds on to its independence. No greasy, greedy fingers in this pie, oh no no no! No corporate evils slinking in, stealing the soul that makes this festival so very special. The curators stand firm, entirely self funded, promising to maintain this self reliance to the bloomin’ booming end.


BOOMTOWN BITES: Introduced to ease pressure on our ever-so-empty pockets, the festival will be filling up bellies with yummy noms for a mere £5! Every single food trader on site will be providing a ‘Feast for a Fiver’, thus enabling essential fuel required for a damn good rave-up, at an DELICIOUSLY affordable price.


THE ECOBOND PROJECT: Set up by BoomTown City Council, the ecobondproject encourages festival goers to bag their waste up and hand it back in, essentially reducing the impact the fair has on the estate and environment.  This year the festival are bringing in extra depo’s and staff around site to reduce any form of queuing.

“With every BoomTown ticket sold, an extra £10 EcoBond will be added to the ticket cost. When residents arrive to the festival, an EcoBond bag will be provided along with your EcoBond. Residents need to fill a bag with waste and/or recycling and then take it to the EcoBond Depot where you can exchange your filled bag/s and bond for your £10. A tidy BoomTown is a happy BoomTown!”

EcoBond Information

  • An EcoBond must be presented with a filled Eco bag to receive the £10 deposit. (No voucher – No £10)
  • You can choose to exchnage your filled Eco Bag for either a £10 note, or a bag filled with merchandise worth £20.
  • Deposits are only available onsite and during opening hours.
  • More bags can be collected from Info Island.
  • Bags need to be at least half full to be exchanged.

1952THE LINEUP: Everything from electro swing to reggae, dub and pulverising D&B, to ska, breakbeat and bluegrass…It’s a veritable FEAST for the earholes. Bluddy epic. The Cat Empire, NOFX, Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers, Shaggy…YES…Shaggy! New Model Army, Alabama 3, Congo Natty & Friends, Easy Star All Stars, The secret Swing Society, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Stanton Warriors and many many many many many more! Full line up HERE.

LukeTaylpr_Arcadia_Crowd_Night 1000px

THE DETAIL & LOVE: No effort or expense is spared when it comes to creating this wondrous fictitious city. Every stall, sequin, circus tent, butchery, band stand, cactus, cowboy boot, washing machine, wizard, gas mask, grand piano, unicorn and rainbow is painted, procured and placed with the ultimate LOVE and care. Few festivals live up to this boutique standard – It’s a creative achievement of EPIC proportion. It’s also well worth noting – the special effects are so flippin’ dazzling they’ll reduce you to a blubbering, dribbling, finger pointing mess. It’s all absolutely mind bending…and to top it all off, they have Arcadia. Boom.