Maya Jane Coles – Dreamer – FREE DOWNLOAD


Maya Jane Coles: producer, singer, DJ, dream weaver, innovator, and besteset at radical hair do’s…well, WE LOVE HER.  From charting internationally with her DJ Kicks mix for K7! To playing under a gargantuan disco ball at Tate Modern, to gracing the cover of magazines all across the globe – the talented superbeing may as well be riding unicorns on the moon. She resides out of the realms of human comprehension, and we (mere mortals) remain in a state of perpetual dazzlement.

But she didn’t ascend to this level of awesome just sitting around on her bottom. In a world saturated in manufactured same sameness, Maya is somewhat of a rarity. Possessing genuine talent, innovation and vision; a typical record will be written, produced, engineered, arranged, mixed and performed by herself. On most occasions, she’s even designed the sleeve artwork too. In laymen’s terms – she works ‘er bloody tits off, and because of this, over the course of a few small years her profile has sky rocketed to EPIC proportions.

In celebration of her Soundcloud amassing over 1,000,000 followers – yes ONE MILLION –  the lovely lady is giving away a track from her brilliant debut album “Comfort”. So without further ado, please enjoy the track “Dreamer”…it’s rather good.

This is rad too: