Bright Start To 2014 For Ministry Of Sound

Ministry+of+SoundFollowing months of grim uncertainty surrounding Ministry Of Sounds future came the answer everyone was hoping for: the london icon will continue to operate, business as usual.

The club came within a whisker of closure due to a planned housing development. Worries about noise levels aggravating residents meant that crippling sound restrictions may come into play, or worse still – closure.

Each party came to an agreement: Eileen House will undergo massive soundproofing, and Ministry will maintain its current sound levels – thus heralding a bright outlook for 2014, and the future of MOS.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Englewood Ltd that safeguards our future while allowing new development in Southwark. We are grateful to the Mayor for his efforts and look forward to welcoming our new neighbours to the area”.

– Lohan Presencer, chief executive of Ministry of Sound Group