Let’s Get Ready to Groove On The Grass

Groove On The Grass

We’re really looking forward to Groove On The Grass this weekend with an amazing line-up from the uber-cool Middle East festival organizers!

For anyone coming from out of town, there are PARTY & STAY PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE!!! Groove on the Grass official Hotel Partner Media One Hotel has some special offers for you out of towners! 550 AED per night for a Hip Room + breakfast included… to reserve email cu@mediaonehotel.com or simply call 04 427 1000 & mention “groove on the grass” promotion! You can now share the same roof as the artists… Happy cocooning

Check out the full event info here with links to buy tickets:

Groove On The Grass at Emirates Golf Course | 13th December

Groove On The Grass
Emirates Golf Course
13th Dec | 19:00-03:00

We are proud to present the debut of COCOON IBIZA, with legends RICARDO VILLALOBOS & RARESH. It’s time to change Dubai music history, together & forever.



The series of events held by Cocoon on the notorious party island Ibiza since 1999 goes by the name Cocoon Ibiza. Club Amnesia is the exquisite location where the parties are held and is one of the most beautiful and most famous clubs on Ibiza. From 2006 until 2010, for three uninterrupted years, Amnesia has been awarded the prestigious “Best Global Club” award. The club holds a capacity of more than 5000 visitors and has survived many memorable summers since 1976.

From June to September, Cocoon hosts the Monday night with Sven Väth leading the line-up of many international artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Loco Dice and Chris Liebing. The clubbing experience is supported by a slogan, which changes every year. In 2010, the slogan was “Party Animals”, in 2011, the season kicked it off with “Cocoon Heroes”, in 2012 the Cocoon Heroes went “Into the Magic” and in 2013 something big will break through the sprawling jungle of nightlife on THE party island: COCOON!

Welcome to the Jungle!


We are super excited to bring you the least likely artists and brands to want to come to Dubai becuase of its commercial background, we do this because you deserve it, we all deserve it. We are here to prove to the world that this market does have taste, inteligence and most of all interest in open minded train of thought. Ricardo Villalobos & Raresh have a brotherhood in which they share an artistic musical synergy like no other in the global music industry.


Born in Chile, raised in Germany, world citizen – that pretty much sums up Ricardo’s life, geographically speaking. In his childhood home there was a steady coming and going of other South Americans living in exile and the Villalobos family liked to enjoy the music from their remote home country, preferably with a quite un-German sound volume. Salsa and South American folklore were joined by operas, rock and later by pioneers of electronic music like Tangerine Dreams or Kraftwerk. Ricardo’s father gave him the chance to develop his innate musicality by introducing him to music from all kinds of genres and cultures. And once he left little Ricardo in the care of a samba school in Brazil. So Ricardo was actually an ardent percussionist before he started to use his talent to experiment with electronic music. His infallible feel for rhythm has always been one of his major characteristics and it shows in his own productions as well as in his choice of records or his ability to make his sets so coherent and homogeneous. In 1988 he played for the first time in a club, armed with his considerable, wide-ranging record collection. He realized his first productions with the famous Roland syntheziser, but in the beginning of the 90s, Ricardo began to upgrade his equipment and to dedicate himself to acid house and early techno sounds. In 1992 he released his first production on the label Overdrive. At the same time, Ricardo became quite famous in Darmstadt and Frankfurt for other reasons entirely: he organized illegal parties in empty buildings or under highway bridges – those who were there still talk about it with shining eyes… In this environment he first rubbed shoulders with Frankfurt veterans like Ata and Heiko M/S/O or Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke (Alter Ego) from Darmstadt. After his first release on Playhouse, the Ongaku crew invited Ricardo to play at the Eclipse Rave in Chile; that was the first of his many visits to his native country. He and other musicians like Atom Heart or Dandy Jack had a strong impact on the burgeoning Chilean house and techno movement. After his first trip to Ibiza in 1995, Ricardo adopted the island as a third home. He played at a Cocoon event at Amnesia in 1999 and joined the Cocoon booking agency later that year. Today there isn’t a continent where Ricardo hasn’t played; his choice of music is trend-setting for other Djs and fans alike, and even though his tracks are never commercial, they are immensely successful and he’s well known even beyond the borders of the underground music scene. A good deal of his productions already attain cult status when the first whitelabels surface. Ricardo’s inexhaustible creativity and innovation and his unfailing feel for the crowd make him an outstanding artist in the contemporary world of electronic music.


Raresh is definitely one of the fundamental figures of the up-to-date electronic movement. Born in Bacau, the clubbing scene enchained him at the age of 15, when he started playing in a small club in town, marking his turntable ascension from the age whereupon most of the youngsters are still playing football in the courtyard.

Moving to Bucharest and joining the agency ensured him constant gigs at Sunrise’s events at the seaside and laid him at the deck with Richie Hawtin, Magda, Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos, Josh Wink, Pascal FEOS, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Pier Bucci, Tobi Neumann … and the list could go on and on.

In 2007, alongside Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, he launched the [a:rpia:r] label, whose activity brought each one of them their deserved spot on top of the clubbing scale, becoming one of the most beloved Romanian DJs. With constant gigs all over the world, a strong label, forward releases, two complices to ratify the ping pong – back to back in three – Raresh proved, no doubt, what a complete DJ means and now enjoys all the support and admiration of the electronic music scene lovers.





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