Running Wild Halloween Special

RunningWild_Cheetah_Wolf_IdeasHey, YOU! Yeah, you with the bloodied hacksaw. What’re YOU doing this Halloween?  Attending the obligatory house party?  ‘Trick or Treating’ 10 Downing Street in a Guy Fawkes mask? Maybe you’ll just disembowel a few peeps. The possibilities are ENDLESS my depraved friend; endless like the pea soup puke in The Exorcist.

On November 1st  Running Wild are teaming up with Gottwood Festival to bring you the most pant wetting, blood curdling, spine chilling, bass faced Halloween SPECTACULAR…this side of Psychoville. So put down your hacksaw and look no further!…It’s time to slip into your spandex skeleton suit, bust out the fake blood/glitter mix and FLEX.

With production left in the dismembered hands of the Gottwood crew, expect visions so brilliant they’ll haunt you forever. This crack-team of creative wizards will be building a terrifying forest and drafting in REAL and highly trained ghouls, ready to scare your pants off. They’ll be doing this inside of Electric Brixton. That’s right, INSIDE THE CLUB! This’ll be Electric Brixton, but through the back of the wardrobe, and out into Narnia. And I’m not talkin’ Aslan Narnia: this is freaky-deaky-scare-your-tits-off Narnia. Expect trippy visuals, psychotic lazers and live street art from the Secret Walls graff collective.  


As if this wasn’t enough awesomeness, the line up’s dead good too.  Serving a gore-mantic selection of the best in house, zombie swing, garage, death rattle and bass – you’ll be so musically fulfilled, you may never need go out again! Expect Catz N Dogz, Dark Sky, Deadboy, Toyboy & Robin, plus a very special guest yet to be announced.

Catz N Dogz have been in a musical union for over a decade now. The Polish duo’s refreshing take on dance music has seen them release on underground labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Dirtybird, Pokerflat, Get Physical and Trapez. Their sets are free from the constraints of ‘catagories’ and always full of surprises; making them the perfect headliner for Running Wild’s Halloween Special. Animal-tastic.

The aptly named DJ trio – Dark Sky – will be bringing the eerie atmosphere in full force. Drawing influences from original UK garage through to house, via drum & bass and hip hop their sound is diverse, multi-textured and bravely experimental. Their work has earned them production kudos and success on Ninja Tune, Pictures Music, Black Acre and Modselektor’s 50 weapons imprint. Like a six armed monster, they’ll be terrifying AND bedazzling you in equal measure.

UnDead-Teds-Zombie-Teddy-Bears-1Numbers regular Deadboy is a powerful production force in London’s melding worlds of bass, garage, and house music. The mystery man is known for his Halloween mixes, which have been described as a ‘dystopian nightmare where heavily bearded disco svengalis, codeine addled rappers and unbalanced London grime producers stalk you on the night-bus home.’ This shit is so dark it’d have Hell Raiser running for his Mommy, and Freddie Kruger bawling like a GIRL. Expect similar this November 1st.

Raised on a diet of Garage and 90’s RnB & Hip Hop – Toyboy & Robin began collecting admirers early last year. Kid Music owners released a series of awesome free downloads, showcasing the duo’s uncanny ability to inject soul into the UK bass sound.

They’re joined by Gottwood’s very own eLDOKO. Melding a heady mix of Jazz, Swing, Tech and House; he’ll have you fist pumping the sky and flexing like freaks. EPIC support comes from Jigsaw, Naked Jake, Larry Sun, Krywald and the resident SK!NT DJs. With another act still to be announced, it’s shaping up to be a cannibalistic FEAST of DJ talent.

Crossing the blurred boundaries of dance music, Running Wild’s unique parties have taken them from warehouses to rooftops, Ibiza and festival stages. This November they transport you to a full-throttle Halloween scene NOT to be missed. Do it. Or die.

And now some poetry…

So there you have it: the Running Wild Halloween Special…

A feast, a fest – it’s utterly grotesque…

Some graff, a rave, I think I’ve been possessed!

Whats that? You said?…A dance for the undead?

I’m there! You scare, the hairs right off my head!


Here’s the bloody lineup too…

Catz N Dogz

Dark Sky


Toyboy & Robin



Naked Jake

Larry Sun



+ VERY SPECIAL GUEST TBA…pppsssssttt, it’s Satan!


Running Wild Halloween Special

Friday 1st November

Electric Brixton

Town Hall Parade, London SW2 1RJ




From £9.00 + BF

Something horrible…