Maya Jane Coles – “Burning Bright”. Cinema Meets Techno

mayajanecoles SOME SAY I’m not so fast on the uptake, and that maybe my finger slipped off the pulse back in 2002 – but I just stumbled upon this and I believe…it’s really quiet special.

As part of her debut album – Comfort – Maya Jane Coles has partnered with Kim Ann Foxman – formerly of Hercules and Love Affair – for a distinctly dark and beautiful dance floor filler “Burning Bright”.

The accompanying video was directed by Thomas Knights, known for his work with Marina and the Diamonds and willy Moon. The girls were looking to create something “a little different”. I’d say they hit the nail on the head.

The video sees Foxman enter some holy place, carrying with her a red rose and a plastic bag dripping with blood. She sings to Coles who lies in an open casket, seemingly dead as a door knob. The space is filled with broken and overturned furniture. Chaos. Light pours in through stained glass windows, slicing through the darkness and illuminating Foxman in perfect cinematic style. Something sacrificial is happening. Foxman looks to be chanting voodoo. When she sings “you gave me your heart” she may have meant it, literally. Whatever she said, it worked. Maya (thank the dark lord) is ALIVE!

Incredible cinema and poignant lyrics, coupled with Maya’s signature driving electronica make for a unique and magical collaboration, both visually and aurally. Check it out for yourself.