Hed Kandi Ibiza opens to rave reviews…

Aptly titled ‘Once upon a time in Ibiza’, Hed Kandi 2013 got underway this season with their opening soiree and it was certainly fitted their tag line. The veteran club brand know how to put on a show of glamour and fun filled sets. Welcoming back the ever present shindig was a highly anticipated showdown and it definitely delivered on every level.

A Grecian backdrop filled the entire main room, marrying with all the stereotypical portrayals you could imagine. Vines crept round the white pillars and starlight esc graphics tied in nicely with the red carpet upon entrance. Even fish tanks, fairy like trapeze dancers and waterfalls were squeezed into the fray to add that extra slant on proceedings.

Upon entry I was welcomed by the sounds of Disclosure which filled the already packed room. I was addressed politely by the Kiss My Fair Body Painters decorating many a punters with the famous Hed Kandi glitter eye. However declining on this occasion I turned my attention to the bar for a groundbreaking mojito and spot of music.


The playground otherwise known as the dancefloor really got into the carnival style spirit, right the way through to the end the audience really took to the music and the track selection from the performers. I really believe the effort put into the decor also had the faithful talking and really blended well with the club and music. Anthems like ‘Born Slippy and ‘So Much Love’ from Fedde Le Grande were just a few of the great edits thats donned the smoke filled main room.


When sax stalwart Lovely Laura came into the mix, she started her set with the huge Layo and Bushwacka hit ‘Love Story’. With some serious soul like cuts taking control it was evident that the crowd really felt what laura was bringing to the party.Drum Warrior provided the percussion and bongo drums all night with them both accompanying each other perfectly.

It was a truly mesmerizing opener for the heavyweight Es Paradis brand and it certainly paved the way for a huge summer ahead. If you’re in need of of classics tracks and a glorious set then Hed Kanid is the place to be.