Jammy’s Jaunts: 17.05 – 18.05 – Undersound and The Entail Records Party with Speedy J.

Jaunt (jônt, jänt) n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the event he was partying at in the last week… This time he spent his  special extended jaunts at Undersound and The Entail Records Party with Speedy J.
Hello and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! Your weekly clubbing review of London! This jaunt covered just 2 parties this over this weekend including the quick pop into the Undersound party and on Saturday, Entail presents Okie Dokie Warehouse Party with Speedy J. This jaunt, this time around only featured 2 parties and sometimes you do get odd weekends where it’s not as extended! So anyway to begin this jaunt I went to my first Undersound party on Friday held at Hoxton Basement. Headlining their party was Praslea playing an extended set and Vale Colvin. Getting down there around midnight, the place was already starting to fill up nicely. It was nice to check out this party as I have always said I would come down, but never got the chance. On the decks to start off first was Vale Colvin. Originally from Chile and now residing in Berlin, she is part of the Cigarra fm collective with a big focus of underground minimal/deep/dub techno. She started off very deep and this set the tone for the rest of the set. It’s not something I would normally listen to but it was a nice warmup to the night. Her track selection was decent and her build-ups and breakdowns were fitting to the party. She kept a really good vibe flowing and the crowd were up for it! For me this was a social occasion and it was nice catching up with lots of friends here. I enjoyed the music and was interesting to see how I would fare outside of my comfort zone. This was fine however and I was able to respect the sounds and the whole vibe of the party which was cool and I could definitely appreciate this.




Next up was Praslea. Straight out of Romania, this talented DJ is already make waves in the underground scene across the world with plenty of help from Villalobos, RPR, Zip and Kanzyani just to name a few. He also has a new record label called Understand, using the name Praslesh to release tracks. He played an extended set and the first couple of tracks that he started off with were proper techno bangers! I was quite surprised with this and was intrigued to hear much more from him. By the time he started the place was comfortably filled and they did have fans in place as that venue is known to get ridiculously hot when full to capacity. He certainly had a distinctive groove and began to slowly drift into that oh so common deep Romanian sound that is very evident in the underground London scene. It was interesting to start off with and he did play pretty well with what I saw of him, but it was time to go and call it a day to this Friday jaunt!



Next up on the jaunts was the Entail presents Okie Dokie Warehouse Party with Speedy J at Crucifix Lane. Joining him was Chris Stanford (ETG), Jack and I (Entail/AoD), Philip Row (live), Red Pig Flower and Lamine (Entail). A relatively new party, Okie Dokie have set their sights on pulling in the best acts to play for them and none other than Electric Deluxe’s very own Speedy J. Arriving at around midnight, the place was slowly filling up and it was nice to catch up with familiar faces there. It was also interesting to check out the Entail crowd and see how they fared with other techno lineups in London such as Fabric with MPIA3, Silent Servant, Sigha and Shifted and One More with ROD and Redshape (live). Entail did surprisingly well and Crucifix Lane held its own alongside the other parties. First up I caught, were the duo from Art of Dark: Jack and I. This was the first time I had seen any of them play and are the residents (Jack Michaels and Dan Perrin) of very popular London party: Art of Dark. As they came on, they played very dubby techno and it was interesting to see them play and their sound was really warm. The crowd slowly filled the place and they really got into it! It was really cool to hear them play and will definitely have to check out one of their Art of Dark party’s.



They built up the mood and the party really well for Chris Stanford who came up next. One of the longest serving DJs’ in London’s underground scene, Chris has probably played everywhere in London and since his first appearance back in 2004 and he has commanded crowds with his ruthless, futuristic, cutting edge brand of techno. Only on for an hour which was a shame, as he could have easily played for 3-4 hrs + he brought his own sound to the party and in that time, he really delivered the techno to a massively up for it crowd! It was great seeing him play and definitely worth checking out if you have never seen him play before. Quick mixing was the highlight of his set as he packed in at least over 25 tracks making everything flow remarkably well. It did feel much longer than an hour and by the time Chris had nearly finished, Speedy J was just about ready to start and I managed to get the last track of Chris’s set which is on my Facebook as well as my Youtube channel.



So last and by no means least, Speedy J (Jochem Paap) nicknamed Speedy because of his quick DJ skills. He has helped with people like Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin in raising the genre just after it had escaped the Detroit beginnings begun by Atkins, May and Saunderson. He came on to close the night and what a performance it was! It was annoying as he was supposed to play an extended set which didn’t materialise. However this didn’t stop him ripping Crucifix Lane to pieces. If anyone has seen him play, his set up is pretty spectacular and extremely technical. From start to finish, he delivered techno of the highest order. Loop after loop, bassline after bassline, he kept the crowd wanting more and more and his drops were absolutely devastating. He really taught everyone a lesson in techno and by the end of his set I was truly fulfilled and so was everyone that came to the party. You know what to expect from Speedy J especially after his last time over here when he played for Jaded’s birthday. Pure unadulterated techno. Wow! What a weekend and what a jaunt! Same time, next weekend? 🙂