Exclusive Interview With Clive Henry AND A Chance To Win VIP Tickets AND Vodka @ PWP PACHA London!

PWP@PACHAPEOPLE WITH PERSONALITY, joint venture of Salvatore Rullo and the talented Mr Clive Henry (DJ/Producer and Circo Loco resident) are bringing the PWP  party and a gritty new concept to Pacha London. Armed with a fleet of talent, all hailing from cutting edge labels; this will be the first of a series of events in the venture to send Pacha to the underground.

In the past 12 months the club night has played host to the likes of Alex Arnout, Fb Julian, Kenny Glasgow (Art Department), Luca C. Richie Ahmed, Jenkyns, Lee Foss, Russ Yallop, Darren and Spencer, JustBe, Rui Da Silva, James Teej, Audiofly, Simon Baker, Adam Shelton and Fur Coat. Combining underground music with super stylish venues and bringing London some of the biggest and brightest international stars, PWP has grown from strength to strength.

This month the team are proud to present a brand spankingly re-furbished Pacha London. With the installation of a bespoke Martin Audio sound system, revelers can now enjoy sonic perfection as they soak up the incredible sounds of the PWP army. VIP’s can enjoy people watching from the stunning new Glass VIP room; this is set above the main DJ booth and looks out over the main room (although why you’d want to be in Willy Wonka’s glass elevator, and not pumping the dance floor…I really can’t fathom, BUT maybe I’m just bitter because I’ve never been invited to hang out in a VIP glass case of emotion…)

CLIVEHENRYHaving previously taken over some of London’s coolest hotspots with DJ’s who usually frequent more warehouse type venues, this will be yet another in a string of epic events for PWP. May 18th will be a perfect teaser of what’s to come later on in September, INTRIGUING!

This week we were lucky enough to catch PWP’s musical director, Clive Henry. We also managed to wangle FOUR VIP VIP tickets and a bottle of vodka to give away!

YOU COULD FIND YOURSELF IN THE VIP GLASS CASE OF EMOTION – you’ll be exempt from all queues and allocated an exclusive area with private table service where you will be cared for from arrival to departure. Soak it up kids, this is an amazing prize! Questions at the end.

So without further ado, we present for you…the inner workings of Clive Henry’s mind.

Firstly thanks for taking the time to speak to us Clive. You’ve been involved in the scene for many years now, what inspired you to first move into dance music? 

I’d always been into music and buying vinyl from an early age and was really into the early hip hop movement going to jams across London and the club thing was just a natural progression I suppose. It was so different and exciting from what was happening and I got hooked straight away.

You are involved with PWP at Pacha on the 18th May, what is your involvement and what is the concept about?

I linked up with PWP nearly two years of more ago as they wanted to bring our vibe to the west end seeing that nobody was really bothering with that sound and they  saw an opportunity. It worked amazingly well especially at Bungalow 8. It was an intimate midweek  gathering of like minded people most of the time with a spattering of fashionista. I have to admit I was surprised it worked as people usually save their nights out for the weekend…anyways we ended up going from venue to venue after B8 closed and it just didn’t really have the same atmosphere as it did there so we took some time out until the opportunity arose to do something at Pacha…it’s a wicked venue right in the heart of London not east or west and not Deep South and I think it gets overlooked as a venue.

You have a cutting edge line up of DJ’s for the night, is this the sound that will give Pacha a new movement?

Like I said, it’s an amazing venue and maybe rightly or wrongly Pacha’s reputation precedes it without people actually ever being there. We did a couple of Circo Loco parties there years back and it went off both times; I hope we can create something similar again and bring something to London that’s slightly lacking at this time.

Who have you seen rise through the ranks over recent years, who has really shone for you?

Obviously Jamie Jones which is success story of biblical proportions! Dyed Soundorom and Laura Jones too..

What has summer 2013 got in store for you?

Ibiza as per and trying to get our new productions released finally! It’s been a slow process but we’ve got some bits coming through Alex Arnouts new off shoot called Sith, and we’re also working on a release for SoulFooled.

Your rebel rave mix for Crosstown is something of a legend these days, are you still working with Crosstown? What can we expect from you release wise soon?

Check previous question lol and yeh playing on the crosstown stage at We are Festival on 25th may.

Your early endeavors in house music with Peace Division and Low Recordings saw you become involved in the genre right of the cusp of things breaking big, do you think there is a solid ‘Clive Henry’ sound that can be heard throughout your work, or have you evolved in different directions over the years?

I think I’ve defo evolved as just making the same style of music gets a tad boring and I think as you grow as a producer you always wanna push yourself creatively even if some people don’t get it or understand it…our early peace division stuff was snubbed by loads of people until it took someone of Craig Richards and Danny Tenaglia’s standing to make peeps sit up and take notice. I think you have to just get on with it and not let it affect you (which is hard nowadays when everybody and their dog has an option lol)

Who is currently rocking things for you artist wise?

There’s a few…Pulshar, Kelpe, Four Tet, Architeq, Xosar, Padded Cell, Lunar Express who are releasing some material via Sith recs and believe it or not are from UAE/Dubai. They are doing some wicked music (not really dance floor but good for round the pool etc)…a few of these artists aren’t predominately dance floor but they try and do something a little different which I admire.


QUESTION TIME! For your chance to win VIP tickets and a bottle of Vodka simply name four artists who are currently rocking Clive’s world.  Pop answers in an email to:jo@plainandsimple.tv



(Crosstown Rebels)

(2020 Vision,Get Physical,Leftroom,Crosstown Rebel)

(Crosstown Rebel,Get Physical,Leftroom)


Leroy Roberts
(Toast Underground)


RTN Soundsystem with special guests

Death On The Balcony