Sebastien San ‘Drumology’


Sebastien San / Drumology

Vinyl / Digital 

AB Initio / Released May 2013

Whilst the title of this EP from rising frenchman Sebastien San refers to the name of the opening number, it’s a fitting heading for the overall subject matter here. Plenty of attention has indeed been paid to kicks and their kit companions, so despite the decidedly stripped and raw style present here there’s nothing basic about any of the arrangements.

Wolfgang is the deepest, housiest, least stomping, and fullest sounding of the trio, but even then the tune emerges from bare bones drum and synth flurry, as the bassline begins to spread upwards, creating a heightened sense of groove to elevate what could have been a rather staccato affair. Gauntlet, on the other hand, pays less attention to low ends, preferring instead to focus on its decidedly sledgehammer beat to create a notable jack. Meanwhile, inaugural offering and title track Drumology is the least serious of all three, throwing cowbells and other percussive accents into a tribalistic acid workout. Unique and definitely one for dancing to.