Ludowick ‘Get It Off’


Ludowick / Get It Off


22 Digit Records / Released May 2013

Soulful, slightly retro house vibes abound on the original Get It Off, albeit rather than being brash it’s notably matured and subtle, if subtlety can indeed exist alongside soaring synths and big room vocal hooklines. Veering from heads down stepper to sizeable, notably freeform breakdowns (leaving the track’s basic structure behind for ten seconds or so), it’s a complex number to say they least.

Sometimes I Wonder changes tact, opting for dubbier, techier tones whilst still fitting in with the deep sound of the opener. Fans of Delano Smith and similar will certainly not be disappointed as melodic refrains, solid beats and heavy bass make for an ideal in-between track, the likes of which are all too rare in the release schedule these days. Third outing Signs From Heaven follows suit in terms of keeping heads down, taking its lead from the first via haunting lyrical loops, but toughening up to explore some decidedly progressive avenues. An impressive package, and this is before we mention scene stalwart Moodymanc’s Epic Opener remix of Get It Off, a logically titled affair that accentuates some of the ethereal qualities present in its source material, only with more atmosphere involved.