An Interview With Peven Everett Ahead Of His New Single & Album Release


Peven Everett is a talented writer, arranger, producer and performer who plays countless instruments proficiently including drums, guitar, bass, flute, piano, trombone, and trumpet across all genres of music. Starting out as a Jazz musician and working with many greats from the genre, he forged a successful solo career and has been remixed by some of dance musics heavyweights such as Quentin Harris, Timmy Regisford and Phil Asher.

With double single ‘One Way Ticket/I Just Want To Make You Happy’ released on 20 May, a house record packed with soul, followed by the anticipated release of his new album ‘King Of Hearts’ on Making Moves Records in July, we were fortunate enough to chat to the Chicago legend and ask a few questions on said album, process and more.

Plain & Simple: Why is the album called King Of Hearts?

Peven Everett: Because I always have matters of the heart in mind. The more I live the more I’m sure.

P&S: How would you describe the style and genre?

PE: I wouldn’t because I’d like everyone to experience the work without bias. The music will convince them once they hear it. Music should be a pleasant surprise. Pleasantries demand great care.

P&S: Was the album or any of its songs written with anyone special in mind?

PE: Yes. Always.

P&S: Which are your favourite tracks and why?

PE: Maybe: Baby Won’t You Try Me, I Can Be Your Boyfriend, Butta and so on…..

P&S: The album is written, produced, arranged and soon to be performed by yourself! That is pretty amazing… can you tell me what instruments you are playing throughout?

PE: Nope. Those moments are special when and where they are made so the climate is exclusive for the listener in the real time I make them.

P&S: How long does it take to make such an album from start to finish, in your opinion is this your  best to date?

PE: If I told you then I’d have to kill you [he laughs]…. No really I’d have to kill you! [and laughs more] No, but seriously? In my opinion it’s all too different. Too many factors to consider while making an album. It’s instinctive if we’re speaking based on opinions. The recipe and the cooking process have to be at a palatable to call one’s self a chef. Then it’s experience that determines how good of a chef you are. Musicians are chefs of audio. This is my latest release. The album has phases like love.

P&S: You created the term and genre ‘Power Soul’  can you explain what this term means?

PE: Whatever makes one bring positivity that isn’t dangerous for all involved while still being       a fulfilling endeavor.

P&S: What inspires you to make music?

PE: Can’t answer that because then I wouldn’t be unique.

P&S: Please can you tell me more about your own project with Billie Jewell/PBJ and Upper Esh?

PE: Billie’s voice is unique so I’m excited for her. Her perspective needs to seen on, in the most major of ways. She has worked hard for years. The PBJ and Upper Esh projects are projects that enrich the music scene. No sampling for any of the albums as usual.

P&S: You have collaborated with some of my favourites: Quentin Harris, Phil Asher, Timmy Regisford… who else have you enjoyed working with and who would you like to work with in the future?

PE: I loved working with Jazz Ahead and I have Billie working with me. I’ll tell those I wish to work with what my feelings are about them when I meet them personally. That’s when it’s necessary to say anyhow in order to be genuine. Right? Right. P.S. I didn’t collaborate with any one of these guys. They simply claimed to collaborate because I have lots of female fans and a credibility that is unique to me. A solid brand. I mean lets be real. People look for a guarantee in business when risk is a condition of business. I can keep my hands on my own music but not everyone else can. You have to be careful out here because often times people say they’re oh so real until it’s time to write their own song. Then it’s collab time. lol The studio is not for any and everybody. It’s a very special place. To regulate music is to imprison the soul.

P&S: Do you have any collaborations or mixes incoming for the album, forthcoming single release etc?

PE: Yes plenty of both. I’ve never been in this kind of shape. I’m ready.

“One Way Ticket/ I Just Wanna Make You Happy” double single is out 20th May. Early supporters include  Joey NegroYoruba Records, Spirit Of House, Soulm8online, RA, Dr Bob Jones, Osunlade, Danny Krivit, Mr V.
‘King of Hearts’ album out 1st July, both on Makin’ Moves Records. Keep one eye on our site as we will be reviewing the new album in the very near future…