BOMBA IBIZA! The Birth Of A Fresh Attitude And Fantastic Venue For The White Isle


This summer will witness the birth of a new contender on the White Isle. Fresh blood for the masses, the word on everyone’s lips is BOMBA IBIZA!

Kitted out with a custom made Pioneer Sound System, the first of its kind seen (and heard) in a club setting, Bomba has been crafted, dreamed, and curated with incredible thought, passion and technical wizardry.

Teaming up with former Pacha programmers’ Danny Whittle and Mark Netto, is Giuseppe Cipriani, member of the prestigious Cipriani hospitality group. With this collective plethora of experience, knowledge and expertise, Bomba should be nothing short of magnificent.

The club promises to do away with pretentious, elitist values and bring to the Island a fantastic clubbing experience, for everyman. In a recent interview with Ibiza Spotlight, Danny Whittle mentioned “the name VIP section is not a great name for a space in my opinion. You know, very important person… I mean, they’re not! They’re just people who want to spend more money, have some bottles and more space, and get a great service. To us, they’re not more important than the guy paying a normal ticket and having some beers, because quite simply, without either of them, it doesn’t work correctly!” This is an incredibly refreshing outlook and will hopefully pave the way to a more music and service focused Ibiza.

Set to open its doors on May 22nd, the island waits with baited breath. The club is set to host some of the most eagerly anticipated nights on the island, these include appearances from legends such as  Eric Morillo, Luciano, Vagabundos and Defected Records. More ‘surprise” residencies will follow.