An Interview with: Andrea Olvia


Purple Inc. is a new London based monthly affair bringing together the finest artists in tech/deep-house & techno in a way never done so consistently before. The idea & inspiration for Purple Inc. started back in 2010 between friends Yvo Zanev & Joe Lyes while they were running nights in Switzerland & felt they needed a bigger platform to bring it too. This will be the first year it finally comes to life & what better way to start then in the capital of the underground scene.

For the inaugural event Purple Inc have invited Andrea Oliver along to deliver a set that should lay the foundation for things to come, we grabbed 5 to find out more…

Hi Andrea, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. 2012 was a massive year for you to say the least, what are the moments that really stood out?

Hi! It’s my pleasure… well; I’ve been lucky to have a few very positive moments in 2012! I’m happy that it seems all the work in the studio and all the travelling has paid off! I had quite a few releases, including some collaborations with friends like Egal 3 and Gel Abril, remixing a couple of my favorite artists like Luciano and DJ Sneak!

When an artist rises, they rise fast. What were the biggest challenges you faced in 2012? What have you learnt for the coming year?

In the beginning of the year I released a track called “Scene” which did incredibly well! So I just had to make sure that all the upcoming releases were at the same level or even better! It’s always a big challenge making follow up releases. I had massive support from labels like Cadenza, Saved, Be as One, Magnetic and Memoria…so all together made the challenge a bit easier

If 2012 was an important year, then 2013 will have to be even bigger. What does the year ahead hold in-store? How do you plan to take things to that next level?

I have always done things in a very ad-hoc way, but you’re right, the time has come also for me to plan thing and follow a certain road! Together with cadenza we have big plan, this year we celebrate 10 years of cadenza records, there will be a lot of special parties, some interesting collaborations of which I am really looking forward to! I also have a few releases scheduled on my favorite label, plus a mix compilation coming out in April on Cadenza. Right now we are planning the Ibiza season… all in all: super excited about what this year can bring!

Your records proved incredibly popular in 2012, ranking you as one of the 18th most charted artist on RA. What is it in your records, do you think, that has managed to capture the imagination of some many DJs?

I love hearing feedback about the music I make. It’s amazing when you make an impact on peoples day to day life – for example, I had someone tell me they would play my remix of Luciano’s Rise of Angel every morning to get them going – that made me so happy The Beatport number 1 thing, RA most charted artist, most charted track, polls etc is also important but more for the fact that promoters look at it and base a lot of their bookings on this.

How much of an influence & inspiration has Luciano been to you since he picked you up on Cadenza? What is he like, both as a man and a professional?

I was in his studio when he signed my tracks and we were talking about the option to join the agency, that was end of 2010 and he was telling me about his journey and how much he had worked to get there. I started to dj when I was 13, almost 19 years ago!! I know how hard you have to work to reach your goals! The only thing I could tell him that day was; if you give me the chance, I will make you proud and I know he is super proud today! Lets say I wanna give cadenza back everything they did for me so far, cause they are true inspiration for me not only musically speaking!

What do you look for in a record when you’re looking for fresh stuff to fill your DJ sets with? What are the most important elements?

It is all about the groove!

Recently you have been playing a lot alongside very established DJs. Do you prepare specifically for each DJ you’re warming up for? What makes a good warm-up DJ?

I always try to read the situation in a club! It’s all about catching the moment and getting people to have a good time no matter If I play warm up, peaktime or afterhours!

Tell us how you know Shlomi Aber & how the release of ‘Scene’ on his label Be As One came about? Whose idea was it to use the Notorious BIG sample?

I’ve known Shlomi for a very long time! He plays often at our club Nordstern in Basel, where I have my studio in the basement of the club! I made ‘Scene’ after a friend gave me the idea for the vocals, Shlomi heard it and wanted to sign it straight away. As I had planned a collaboration with gel abril before we thought that could be the right moment… I have to say that Shlomi has become a very important person in my life, he has supported me since the beginning and he gives me good advice in the studio! He has released a lot of tracks of mine on his label and I am really glad to have his support!

How would you describe your production style? Do you think you’re at a stage now where you’re comfortable with your sound or do you feel there is more to come?

I hope there is more to come! I am good at doing beats and grooves but I wanna learn to do real music one day! Hahaha…

What makes playing in London different from all the other European cities you play at and what in particular can we expect from your upcoming Purple Inc. show at Pulse?

England in general is a country with amazing music culture! Pop, rock, electronic ! People are very well educated and you see it every time you step into a club, especially in London! People know the music, people know the artist and people know how to party.  I am always very excited to play in London and I can’t wait to be at pulse!

Catch Andrea Oliva at Purple Inc on the 1st Feb – check out the event here.