An Interview with JP Chronic


Plain and Simple chat to JP Chronic about his latest two releases Chronovision…


Did you grow up in Mauritius? How was that?


Yes, I was born, raised and started my dj career in Mauritius until I was 20 years old, it was very inspiring as I come from a very musical family with jazz, soul, funk background, apart from the multicultural sound the island itself was from Indian music to tropical African rhythm, I’m lucky musically to grow in a place like this.


And was there any dance music there? Who did you first come to it?


Surprisingly there was even US deep and garage house when i started to go out, with djs spinning vinyl, we even had a little underground scene apart from the main that was Ce Ce Peniston, Ultra Nate etc… it was the good old days of house music that i have a feeling its back now, I was introduced to deep house back then when i first listened to “Beau mot plage” from Isolee, since then its an inspiring track to me and lots of producers.


When did you move to Ibiza and why?


I moved to Ibiza 4 years ago after living in Valencia (Spain) for almost 6 years, playing all over from Madrid, Barcelona and many more, but I had a feeling I was not ready for the island and my son was growing up, I didn’t wanted to push things, I waited for the island to call me instead and it did.


Why did you start a label in Ibiza?


Me and my partner, also long time good friend, Luis Cossene started the label based from an idea of having a platform for artists and music of and from Ibiza itself, as there is too many labels using the name Ibiza or Ibiza samples with music and artists that never reach the island, we decided to give our vision of what’s really happening on the island with artists that are resident all year or come to do the season… a clearer point of view for some


What does the Isle mean to you?


The island means everything to me, I’ve been dreaming about living in Ibiza since I’m 15 and I still have the same feeling each time I leave it more than a week, it can bring you up or down, shake you from side to side and teach you new things everyday, I can’t get enough of it, there is a very special positive energy, great musical culture and you meet amazing people everyday, its my new home now…


What are the best bits about it?


Mostly it’s the people you meet from all over the world that creates this amazing island, the amazing calas, hippi market, beach bars and clubbing is already well known worldwide, my best time is the winter when you really have time to meet artists living on the island and friends to share musical knowledge, studio time and quality house parties 😉


Are there many artists and DJs based there all year round?

Yes there is and I think that they should be much more exposed as they are the ones keeping the island alive in the winter and warming up for the big djs in the summer, if you like Ibiza you should know them.


And what does the label hope to release, what sorts of styles?


Chronovision is not stuck on only one genre of music, its basically house music but it can vary from deep to techno, not necessarily underground but nothing mainstream, our next release is Anek feat the living legend Robert Owens with remixes from Circoloco resident DJ W!ld, from Germany Veitengruber and UK Lower-east label boss Lee Brinx, massive release for us, with remixes that touches a little bit of all sides of house, we try to give to the people the choice in remixes with quality releases.


Will there be any albums? Why/why not?


For the moment we are concentrating on Ep’s and Maxi’s only, but if there is a very good album that comes to our ears, why not!? 🙂


How much will you get involved with the music before it is released?


We are 2 to choose each track we want to release and we always make our team, friends and myself try it in our sets before confirming to the artist, although taste and colours can’t be predicted, we follow our instinct and background to choose the right track then its the selection of remixers etc…


What else have you got coming up?


We got artists like Darius Syrossian, Basti Grub, Salvo Castelli, Andre Butano and more in the next few month, some showcases over Europe and also a big project for next summer in Ibiza.


Chronovision 001 & 002 are out now – 


Chronovision Ibiza Sampler 2012 – Launch V.A (Chronovision records) CV001


JP Chronic ft Yorgo – Picture of you (Chronovision records) CV002