Free Soul Button remix of dOP and Pillow Talk- download here

This week has been filled with things relating to the Life and Death imprint, what with the DJ Tennis single we’re still spinning in the office. Less than a day has passed since our review went live, and already we have more information regarding some of those involved.

Pillow Talk were one of the key exponents of the record label in question, and also appeared on that aforementioned 12″- The Outlaw. Now we’ve got the pleasure of hosting another track, entitled Your Feelin‘, this time for you guys to download toll free, which sees the instantly recognisable trio- Sammy Dee, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello- team up with French housers dOP. As per the embed below, Soul Button is on the remix via Berlin’s Steyoyoke records, and it’s available for anyone to take home right now by clicking through to SoundCloud via the link below. Enjoy.