Get your free H Foundation Fabric mixtape here

Two names that have been rather quiet in recent years, collectively speaking, make a welcome return to the UK in partnership form this weekend, bringing with them that token deep, noticeably dark and groove-driven house ethic. Which is music to our ears, no less.

H Foundation’s Hipp-E and Halo are the gents in question, and to re-introduce themselves they have put together a meld of continuous beats for your listening pleasure; details of how to access that are in rather large type below this news story. The pair will be playing Room One at Fabric on Saturday night, the reason for this free download, alongside Farringdon honcho Craig Richards, and Cassy, with the likes of Marcel Dettmann, Shed, Blawan, Rob Mello, and Terry Francis elsewhere in the venue.

The club’s website is also home to a rather interesting interview with the duo, in which they shed a little light on stuff like their organisation (a collective of DJs, producers and event promoters), and what’s going on over at Surface Recordings. Plenty to delve into then, we’ve also handily listed the complete lineup for this weekend at the bottom of this page so you can take a closer look.

Simply click here and follow the even simpler instructions to grab your free H Foundation Fabric mixtape.


Saturday 23rd June 2012

77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 3HN

11PM – 8AM /  £12-£18

Room One


Craig Richards

H Foundation: Hipp-E and Halo

Room Two 

Marcel Dettmann



Room Three

Terry Francis

Rob Mello

Nick Dare