Guy Gerber to mix Fabric 64

And the hits just keep on coming, or at least that’s the idea behind the world’s foremost house and techno mix series, the latest of which comes from a particularly notable Israeli face. Better yet, it comprises 16 original productions, featuring a host of notable guest appearances and collaborations.

OK, so admittedly the idea of recording a DJ set made up entirely of your own tunes is nothing new, and in some instances could be seen as narrow-minded, bordering on arrogant. But, ever the optimists, we’re taking a subjective stance to this, as¬†Supplement Facts bossman¬†Guy Gerber, who has just finished off Fabric 64 (slated for release on July 9th), is something of a studio wizard who makes music in a relatively unique style. It’s techno bordering on progressive house, underpinned with deep tech rhythms, maybe. Regardless, the full tracklist is below, whilst pre-orders are currently being taken on the end of this link.

Various Artists / Fabric 64: Guy Gerber

01. Store-House Consciousness

02. The Golden Sun And The Silver Moon

03. Shady Triangle

04. The Naked Hairdresser

05. Ribbons Turn To Chains

06. The Rhythm

07. A Blade Through My Piano

08. One Day In May

09. Howling Moon feat. Clarian North

10.Running Through The Night feat. Clarian North

11. Lady Falkor feat. Lady Falkor

12. The Money Shot

13. Moon Blur

14. My Medicine

15. Human Raft

16. Just Wanna See You Happy feat. Deniz Kurtel