DJ W!ld ‘I’m Not Human EP’

DJ W!ld / I’m Not Human EP

Vinyl / Digital 

Klangkultur Schallplatten / Released May 2012


What does it sound like? 

DJ W!ld continues on his quest for world domination, or at least to be regarded as France’s foremost pioneer of ‘straight up’ house music, by delivering a sampler from his new album, Dirty. And, like the name of said LP, things are decidedly deep and booty shaking in sound, with inspiration apparently coming from the late Balearic summer, a notion that’s audible from the outset here.

The title track, in its original format, relies heavily on sun-soaked brass hooks and a wide-load b-line, coming over somewhere close to Black Jazz Consortium and the like. In contrast Darius Syrossian remixes things, laying down a heavy, rude low end, adding some snare snaps and brass stabs to create a track that’s no stranger to acid and is remarkably infectious. From here W!ld then unveils Ballade A Trois, an exercise in filtered and delayed samples, not to mention Latin-esque drum patterns (albeit built on a bedrock of solid flat four kicks). Well executed, groovy late night stuff.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Puritans hell bent on preaching the gospel of deep house will no doubt disagree, but Syrossian’s cut is easily the most memorable, and whilst no doubt being a little too fresh for some there’s no denying its accessibility will ensure deserving universal appeal.

Where can I buy it?