Simple returns with first 12″ in 12 months

Will Saul’s longest running imprint was supposed to have been retired in 2011 after reaching the grand old age of 50 releases. Obviously the bossman, who also heads up Aus Music, has changed his mind on this front with news today that the label will be re-activated, imminently.

Good news for all those that can appreciate premium quality house and techno then, the first cut set to drop from a revived Simple Records will be String Theory, from Julian Smith under his October moniker. For those unfamiliar (or just forgetful) this is a chap who has been released on Caravan Records, Jack Off, and Immerse to name but three other outlets. The new EP arrives March 12th, and will offer the title track (featuring Borai) and Tension Point, with the B-side boasting of the former remixes from Legowelt and Polarius (both monikers of Dutchman Danny Wolfers).