A quick chat with Sander Kleinenberg…

“On Sunday 5th February 2012, the Electric Brixton is delighted to be co-hosting the Global Flair Challenge, in partnership with Skyy Vodka. The uber glamourous brand is taking over Electric Brixton for an exciting mix of extraordinary showmanship & mouth-watering cocktails – the final of the Global Flair Challenge, which celebrates the most skilled & creative flair bartenders from across the world, will be an unmissable party! Music will be provided by Dutch house music maestro & festivals favourite Sander Kleinenberg, who will make his only London appearance at Electric Brixton, fresh from his South American tour at the end of 2011

Superstar Dutch DJ and producer Sander Kleinenberg has built his international reputation on an ability to create different atmospheres, for myriad crowds, at venues all over the world.Kleinenberg is not only an artist who declines to stick to a single, easily defined sound, he also utilizes more than one medium to create a night out.

Sander gives us a few minutes of his time to give a brief interview ahead of his performance this Sunday..
Have you ever DJ’d for an event like this before?

I must say I have not.

Whats your view on Flairing ?

Anything to do with a fancy drink gets my thumbs up.

For anyone who hasnt seen you perform before, what is to expect ? 

I’m an eclectic and fun dj that likes to keep it relevant whilst giving my dancefloors what they want.

Your album 5k contains collaborations with some fantastic artists, can you tell us a bit more about it ?

It was a wild ride into the unknown for me, as eclectic as my personality, from dancefloor bombs to deep and personal song writing, might go over a lotta people’s heads when flipped through briefly, a total joyride to make nonetheless.

Any exciting stuff planned for 2012 ?

Absolutely! Tours from north to south and some amazing collabs, tracks and compilations in the pipeline, from Ibiza to Lahore.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the music world ?

Everything I do has in some shape or form a connection with music, it’s a 24/7 type of thing really.

Any upcoming talent to watch out for?

Oh so many, Pleasurekraft are kicking ass. My label This Is Recordings have signed some great new talent like NSFW and Kolombo for that deep disco trippy vibe. The reason I do what I do with so much love and passion is the fact that this scene reinvents itself daily. New talent help shape and form the sounds of tomorrow, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of this.