Juan Atkins returns to R&S as Model 500

Call it a meeting of old school minds, or just a producer donning a much-loved (albeit usually collective guise) and returning to a label he’s already had a few dealings with in the past. Either way it’s good news.

These days Model 500 usually includes Detroit pioneers Mike Banks and Mark Taylor, but originally Juan Atkins was the man behind the moniker, and he’s returning with another solo effort under the pseudonym next month with Control b/w The Messenger, which is coming from R&S Records– a label of particularly eclectic leanings circa 2012 once known as a totem of pure techno. February 20th sees the double A side arrive, and we’ll be looking further into that closer to said date. Before that though kick back and enjoy these select moments from the archives of both imprint and production hero.

Huesca / Model 500 / R&S Records / 2010

I Wanna Be There / Model 500 / R&S Records / 1994


Be Brave / Model 500 / R&S Records / 1998