Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) announce new project, taster session here

Between them they have sold more records than most people have ever heard of, and their combined careers touch on some truly pioneering electronic acts. So their new production material, which sees the pair working in the studio as a dance focused duo, has understandably got people talking.

Vince Clarke, of Erasure, Yazoo, and Depeche Mode fame, has teamed up with Martin L. Gore, another Depeche Mode man, in order to begin releasing music under the logical moniker VCMG. The results may surprise some expecting sounds on a synth pop tip, as it’s really all about techno here, but nonetheless the final products are well crafted.

The first EP- Spock– dropped in December on Mute, with a vinyl cut following a successful digital release, and comes complete with a host of remixes that confirm this is music for the heads. Edit-Select, AKA Tony Scott, who has reworked artists including Speedy J, Death in Vegas, and Gary Beck, has done the do, along with Sandwell District man Regis, DVS1- Brooklyn based Derek VanScoten, a chap who has worked with Radiohead- and XOQ, who mixed the forthcoming VCMG album, which is set to arrive in spring 2012.

That’s a lot of acronyms and pseudonyms, so apologies for any confusion. One thing should be clear though; this is an interesting collaborative project that boasts quality in spades, and a lot of potential. Just take a look at these clips if you don’t believe us, and if they strike a chord click here to be taken to the corresponding Beatport page.