New video from Torpedo vs Sharam Jey

Is there such a thing as medieval electro? Well, probably not, but with this pleasing oddity the music industry has come the closest yet to achieving such a sound.

The track is the result of a collaboration between Swedish rockers Torpedo (tipped for big things in the world of guitars, apparently), and none other than Sharam Jey (pictured). That’s the guy who remixed Cafe Del Mar into the version that has been crowned ‘Best Dance Track Ever’ more than once, along with work by Moby, Faithless, Faith No More, Salt & Peppa, and Mylo, to name but a few. He’s also released plenty of original work, for labels such as Airtight, Underwater, Four Twenty, and Hooj Choons. The result of this cross pollination is an electro-cum-synth pop number the likes of which make it easy to understand why the video is set in what looks to be days of yore. See what you think.