Keep an eye out for… Two Inch Punch

He’s just done a mix for Sonic Router, and before that melded a diverse selection of beats and songs for BBC 1Xtra. And yes, we do mean songs. 

Two Inch Punch, AKA Ben Ash, could be compared to Vondelpark, only he appears to be less sombre. Then again, everyone seems to be categorising his sound as electro R&B-come-soul, so James Blake springs to mind, only there’s a lot more going on. And referencing L-Vis 1990 also makes quite a lot of sense, as both artists are working on the same label, PMR.

That’s the camp you can also find the likes of Julio Bashmore, and Javeon McCarthy, so needless to say contemporary is one word that perfectly describes the organisation. As for Ash, his debut EP, Love You Up, just dropped, while he’s also been busying himself with a host of DJ dates, and remix duties for artists such as delicate female songstress Birdy. We’ve embedded a couple of clips below, including the title track to the man’s recent release, one of the remixes that was just referenced, and a brand new video directed by Evan Boehm, who some might recognise as the guy who put together a similarly impressive piece for Gold, a single from another acclaimed new-school electronic outfit, Darkstar. Looks like it’s a small world after all then.