Huge iRobots Opilec compilation approaches (and we can’t wait)

No, seriously, we’re very excited about this one. After all, with a tracklist boasting original cuts and remixes from synthesizing legend Georgio Moroder, along with San Francisco electro-punk pioneers The Units (check out our Choice Cut album review of said band’s retrospective summer album by clicking here), it’s understandable news of this release made an impact.

Gianluca Pandullo, or I-Robots, is the chap behind Opilec Music, an Italian label that’s nothing if not distinguished. On January 30th (2012) the imprint will release ‘We Are Opilec’, a double-disc effort that attempts to summarise an organisation with an enviably diverse output. Name-checking the likes of Todd Terje and Orlando Voorn is always going to be a good thing, as is any reference to 013 (Stuart “Dominatrix” Argabright), so coupled with the two heroic acts referenced in the first paragraph it’s safe to say this is far from your average compilation, and is well worth investigation.


Various Artists ‘I-Robots present We Are Opilec’ 

CD 1 (unmixed)

01) No More Klein & Mbo – Last Call (European Connection Instrumental)

02) The Units – High Pressure Days (Todd Terje Remix)

03) Nemesi – Ojo ft. N.O.I.A. (I-Robots Extended Edit)

04) Beppe Loda – Da Malmo A Stoccolma

05) Craxi Disco – Solarium (Extended Version)

06) Billy Bogus – Glamouflage (Original Version)

07) o13 – Lost Pavilion (Video Mix)

08) Schaltkreis Wassermann – Gogo-Danger (I-Robots Re-Edit)

09) Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (I-Robots Remix)

10) The Units – Warm Moving Bodies (I-Robots Extended Remix)

11) Nemesi – Kosmische (Musiccargo’ Skytrain…Ich Liebe Dich Take)

CD 2 (unmixed)

01) Pour Le Plaisir – Shame Of Love (Club Mix)

02) Federico Gandin – Legion Of The Lost Dreams

03) Playdoughboy – Take You Deep (Original Version)

04) I-Robots vs Pistoi – Conga Madness (Original Demo)

05) Eduardo De La Calle – Kaliyuga

06) Orlando Voorn – Revolution

07) Stefny Winter – Blueskies

08) Vaghe Stelle – Ciclo 10

09) Danny Ocean – Life Cycles

10) Patrick Di Stefano – Socci