Guest Chart: Alland Byallo

Our next chart comes from a self-professed, and undeniable workaholic. After all, what else do you call someone who works as a promoter, A&R, label manager, DJ, and graphic designer?

Indeed, Alland Byallo is a man with a few, if not many faces. He’s also produced tracks deemed good enough for imprints like Liebe*Detail, Dirt Crew, Poker Flat, and Missive, to name but three, and in his earlier years worked at Los Angeles’ sadly missed WAX Records. All of which means he’s forgotten as much as some will ever now about good tunes, setting a high benchmark for anyone looking to show up on his radar.

In more recent years a move to Berlin has seen him continue to push quality new sounds through a show on the city’s most famous underground radio station, TwenFM. As such we’re delighted to hand over the page to the respected selector, who’s here with a selection of ten recommended tracks that should probably be in most boxes, including cuts and remixes from Tom Ellis, Dave Aju, Gerry Read, and Dead Seal.


Alland Byallo / Thirsty Eyes / Bad Animal

Tim Toh / Pandemonium / Philpot

Chasing Kurt / Money (Tom Ellis Remix) / Good Ratio Music

Gerry Read / Narry / Fourth Wave

Dave Aju / All Together Now / Circus Company

PillowTalk / Far From Home / Wolf + Lamb

Isaac Baker / Relax Yourself Girl / Thema

Dead Seal / I Know Who U R (Weitone Remix) / Bang The Box

Safeword / You Can You Will / Dessous

C-Beams / Scrapyard / Uncanny Valley

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