Unrilis vinyl compilation will arrive for Christmas

In terms of dominant European dance-music producing nations Italy isn’t necessarily the first country that springs to mind. But then Naples begs to digger.

The southern city is home to a small, established but ever-burgeoning techno scene and the imprint Rino Cerrone runs, Unrilis, plays a pretty big part in retaining this reputation. On the roster names like Sasha Carassi, Joseph Capriati, and Luigi Madonna all appear, which means nobody should be left guessing as to whether or not the label is serious about heavy, drummy club sounds.

And that’s exactly what we’re expecting from a rather rare double 12″ release set to hit stores on December 14th. Entitled Beatside the two-piece set will feature seven tracks from those aforementioned names, in addition to Gaetano Parisio, Markantonio, and Flavio Diaz. Full tracklist below.

Various Artists ‘Beatside

1. Spring Sprouts -Joseph Capriati
2. Pitch black – Rino Cerrone
3. Need breack – Markantonio
4. Black out – Gaetano Parisio
5. Tetrahertz – Sasha Carassi
6. Crazy Horse – Flavio Diaz
7. Papershit – Luigi Madonna