Quick fire interview w/ Mobilee Record’s founder Anja Schneider

The Mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and producer (once labeled a “perpetual motion machine”), is one of the hardest working individuals in the business.  Anja is back after taking a short break, and took the time out to speak to us ahead of her set at Get Diverted this Saturday night.

Q. Hi Anja, thanks for taking some time out to talk Plain & Simple. How are you?

I’m very good. Quite relaxed and a fresh mother since 9 weeks! So I need some more sleep and more music to get back to my old condidtion..

Q. Your typical London gigs are at Big Capacity venues, for example Fabric Room 1. Get Diverted will be a more intimate crowd, do you enjoy playing smaller venues and do you approach them differently?

I love to play both – it depends on my mood. Both floors are always interesting for me, and it’s great to have it more intimate to have the freedom to play more deep and you can interact with the crowd much more.

Q. Being a Record Label Founder/Owner, broadcast producer of the long-standing ‘Dance Under the Blue Moon’ program as well as an international DJ, how do you manage your time? Have there ever been moments when you have not been able to give as much focus on certain things as you would like?

Ha Ha yes.. the last 10 months 🙂 and it was good to take a little break to focus on other things and life can be so much bigger and brighter, and has so many surprises! But honestly I never have to manage my time because I love what I m doing and I’m glad that I can do this as my job. As long as you don’t take yourself too seriously, and concentrate and focus on your stuff, and respectful to your environment then life can be wonderful.

Anja Schneider – Electronic Beats Mix (Mobilee Podcast) – October 2011 by R_co

Q. With as impressive vault of collaborations including big names such as Paul Brtschitsch, Marco Resmann, Kiki and Lee van Dowski, who is the one producer/artist you would still most like the work with?

Pharell Williams 🙂

Q. Top five tracks at the moment?

1.Pipi Langstrumpf – Original
2.Humpty Dumpty
3.Rock A Bye Baby
4.Little Bo Peep
5.Anja Schneider ‘Hello Boy!’

Q. And finally, what can we expect from Mobilee 2012?

Very interesting things: we releasing our first Artist DVD in March 2012 about Pan-Pot, which will be a part of the Back to Back Compilation. It’s very funny to film about the guys – following them around over the entire Summer. At the moment I am also working on my album which should be released in May 2012 !

Interview by Michelle Hardiman for Weasel PR


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Get Diverted Halloween Special with Anja Schneider

 29 Oct 2011 @ Brixton Clubhouse


Anja Schneider, Cozzy D, Rob Alldritt, Jnr J, Samantha Blackburn, Russell Wayne,Dan Smallbone

Limited Guestlist: mail guestlist@getdiverted.com