We speak to Truesoul’s Joel Mull ahead of Saturday’s Drumcode 15 party…

Q.Hi Joel, how are you? What have you been up to recently? 

Hey. All very well thank you. I have been very busy lately both with touring and in the Studio.The 15 year DC tour has been magical so far and we have had great moments in Zürich, Barcelona, Amsterdam & Münich.

 Q.The remix package for Sensory is about to arrive, how did you go about choosing the remixers to include? 

All of the artists involved are friends and people i respect in many ways. I basically asked everyone for a favor. And everyone helped me out. Im so happy that i got this package exactly how i wanted it. There is a song for everyone’s taste on there.

 Q.In terms of the album, eight months or so on from release what are your thoughts on the final results? 

It’s a long process to be involved and work on a album project so when you are middle in it you cant really reflect on how the outcome will be like. Its a constant process.  Im so grateful for every person that has been involved in the project.  Bernd who worked hard and did the lovely artwork. Adam who trusted me gave me the freedom to do what i wanted. Rob & Jeremy for their knowledge in how to get it out there in the constant noise and make it shine.  It’s all about working with friends and people you can trust and that automatically gave the Album the extra attention it deserved.  There is so much music coming out constantly all the time and I’m really happy that the Sensory album got some space and time. Thank you everyone that listen to my story.

Q.This year marks 15 years of Drumcode, you’ll be playing at the London warehouse event on the Truesoul soundsystem, what can people expect from the night? 

We will all feel the energy and that special feeling that only appears on the Drumcode nights. And especially if you haven’t been to this location it will be a pleasure. Not many location s like this in London. If you haven’t seen Adam´s Maze yet you will be in for a nice treat.  Yes this year we will do the Truesoul room again. I imagine that the sounds will be a little bit different then the Drumcode room. Perhaps a little bit more of spaced out funkier and deeper sounds but still with the energy that the Big Brother Drumcode has. I’m super excited to play with Ida and Alexi. Space is the place.

Q.Finally, what else do you have in the pipeline between now and Christmas? 

In the studio i am working on many different projects at the moment. Releases for Truesoul, H-production, Cabin Fever and Enemy Records. Also very happy to be involved and working on a Remix for Steve Rachmads legendary “Secret Life of Machines” album on 100% pure.And to add some exciting stuff I’m preparing sounds and going thru old productions that i made over the years and this will hopefully result in a Live set that i will be touring with next year or so. So keeping it busy you could say.


You can catch Joel this Saturday 29th in the Truesoul room at:

Drumcode 15 Years – (click for more info)

 29 Oct 2011 @ Great Suffolk St Warehouse – London


Arch 1 – Drumcode
Adam Beyer, Paul Ritch Live, Joseph Capriati, Alan Fitzpatrick
also including Adam Beyer’s amazing Maze show – find out all about this HERE
Arch 2 – Truesoul
Joel Mull, Alexi Delano, Ida Engberg
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