Chez Damier set for London Idiot’s 1st Birthday

Over the last year one particular party in our fair capital has been keeping many heads ringing by inviting guests like Luke Solomon, Rob Mello, Luke Unabomber and Crazy P to spin records in the tiny basement of Old Street’s Life. Now they’ve done it again, securing one of the finest US names in the history of four fours for their next bash.

That is, of course, not to overlook the small fact that Popular People’s Front, Swag-man, and all round UK stalwart Chris Duckenfield still retains something of a residency at the night- his first ever in London. Impressive to say the least, and with that calibre of regular it’s no surprise the crew behind the party have had to outdo themselves to get a guest to match for their 1st birthday on November 4th, so enter Chicago legend Chez Damier, a guy who thanks to several decades in the game and the success of institutions like KMS, The Music Institute, and Prescription, is more than a worthy headliner. Full details below, tickets available on the end of this link, whereas if Facebook’s more your thing click here and you’ll find a mighty fine mix from the man himself for your listening pleasure.

The Idiots Are Winning 

Life, 2-4 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AA


£7 / £10

Chez Damier (KMS / The Music Institute / Prescription)

Chris Duckenfield (Swag / Popular People’s Front)

Louis Finch & Jake Manders (The Idiots Are Winning)