First ever Third Ear compilation en route

The British label founded by Guy McCreery circa 2001 is, for many people, a deep house outlet. And the outfit has never bothered with full length roster samplers.

That is until next month, when the decade-old Third Ear will release it’s first ever compilation, a collection of tracks that, according to those in the know, is intended to provide compelling evidence to support the notion that far from being concerned with a niche sub genre, the imprint is really all about quality tunes, from techy basements to beach bars. Thankfully, one look at the tracklist suggests this is far from PR hyperbole.

There’s The Irresistible Force, A.K.A. Mixmaster Morris, remix of Nuno Filipe’s Junior– an unreleased cut from 2004, and Theo Parrish’s classic, Falling Up, for starters. We won’t go into too much more detail, check the full cast and credits below, but with names like Wbeeza, Brendon Moeller, Dubble D, and Kyle Hall also turning in tunes for the label showcase whatever pigeonhole you want to put it into, In Yer Third Ear 01 should prove a highlight of that particular collection when it finally arrives on November 25th.


In Yer Third Ear 01


1. Nuno Filipe – Julia (Irresistible Force Global Chillage Mix)

2. Ebz – F6-G5

3. Brendon Moeller – Pink Noise (Jazz Junk Safari Mix)

4. Ricardo Jefferson – A Brutal Truth

5. Dubble D – Rope Trick

6. Why Sheep? – Earthborn (Recloose Remix)

7. Wbeeza – Bichez

8. Benjamin Brunn – Stay Young Stay Foolish

9. Kelli Hand – Holding On

10. El Prevost – My Soul Responding

11. Pirahnahead – Self Conscience

Disc 2

1. Theo Parrish – Falling Up

2. Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark – Motown

3. Demetrio Giannice – Talk (Beatdown Edit)

4. L A Williams – Velvet Musac

5. Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb Feat. Emilie Nana – Sourciere Doctoresse

6. Pirahnahead – Disconnected [Dissed Connection]

7. Recast – Consensual (Lorca Music Remix)

8. Kyle Hall – Ghosten

9. Sarrass – Lust

10. Wbeeza – Laying Here

11. Inohs Sivad Feat Diamondancer – Somewhere Else