Bedrock preps 100th single

You really can’t keep a good thing down. Which is why the British imprint has outlasted every passing production trend since the millennium, and managed to retain a benchmark rarely equalled amongst its peers, while showcasing a sound that neither irritatingly screams look at me, or fades into the beige background.

You could even go so far as to say John Digweed and Nick Muir’s Bedrock is an outright British classic, and support the statement with examples ranging from early anthems like Beautiful Strange to the recent Wiretrapper EP featured on these very pages, Everybody Loves Ice Cream. As such it’s no surprise the label is getting ready to issue its 100th single release, which comes in the form of a collaboration between Guy J and Henry Saiz, who create the A Side, Meridian, while the latter producer is also responsible for the B, a track entitled La Marea. Take a listen over at Bedrock’s SoundCloud page, then get your cash together in time for October 17th.