Crosstown’s Rebel Rave returns on disc

In terms of internationally recognised dance music labels you don’t get much bigger than the imprint most associated with Mr Lazarus and his band of sultry, smooth and groovy house heads. And this year has been no different, with arenas successfully hosted at festivals across the rave, and a seemingly never ending supply of excellent records that continue to sell.

Set to confidently keep the Crosstown Rebels vibe going as of November 28th is the forthcoming Rebel Rave 2 compilation, a selection of cuts that takes its name from the film series that emerged in 2008. This time round when we say work from the organisation’s most notable contributors will feature it’s a reference to the tracks and remixes from names like Ewan Pearson, Art Department, Deniz Kurtel, Solomun, Subb-an, and Quenum. Sprawled over three discs the first two outings are made up of individual tracks, while the third introduces Droog, and three-piece from Lazarus’ adopted hometown of Los Angeles, who meld recent highlights and fresh material from the camp’s not-so-long-but-certainly-illustrious history.