East Project speak to Russ Yallop ahead of his headline gig at their 1st Bday Celebrations next Fri!

Introducing… RUSS YALLOP

Here’s a date for your diaries – FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER – East Project will be celebrating it’s 1st Birthday at CAMP (City Arts & Music Project)!!!

From it’s first forays into the nightlife world with a jam packed launch party on the first floor of the Horse & Groom, Shorditch’s infamous disco pub, to it’s second event in the dark sleazy basement of the Workshop near Old Street, which suited Rob Mello’s deep disco house vibes perfectly, before hopping across the roundabout to the perfectly formed and more permanent EP home of the upstairs @ CAMP. The last party was headlined by the fresh sounds of Richy Ahmed from the Hot Natured crew, who absolutely tore the roof off by the way, so who better to get down and step it up another level for the 1st birthday than the one and only RUSS YALLOP?!?!

Unless you have been living under a rock (or simply don’t follow the British house music scene), then this man should need no introducing! Releasing on such labels as Hot Creations, Leftroom, Rebelion and now a fully fledged member of the Crosstown Rebels team, his sound is infected with warm charm and boundless energy. Along with his close group of friends (Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Richy Ahmed, Robert James), Russ has be putting the fun back into house music, with not only the UK but now the whole world sitting up and taking notice!

To say we are chuffed to have him booked for East Project’s 1st birthday would be an understatement!!

Anyway, enough from me and let’s here from the man himself…

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are up to at the moment?

At the moment working hard on the new Hot Creations mix album which is kind of like ‘the story so far’ for the label, a mix based on their releases to date so people who don’t necessarily buy singles can acquaint themselves on what the label has been doing. In between gigs that is!

How does it feel to be part of the Cross town Rebel Family?

It feels great to be part of Crosstown as it really is a group of creatives who’ve been stretching the boundaries of underground dance music the last few years. But mostly its that everyone seems to be on the same level, and that level is just simply good vibes and good times. It’s basically a bunch of party people who understand that dance music is about going to parties and having fun.

Your 3 killer tracks at present?

3 killer tracks, hmm tough one as once u declare you killers to the world they cease to become your killers and become everyone elses! So I’ll say there’s tracks by Richy Ahmed, Miguel Campbell and Maceo Plex that I play every set and always do the business.

Your tune in the bag that never fails to get the floor moving old or new?

Ok well since the above refers to new music for this I’ll say Lee Foss – U Make Me Shy. It’s kind of old as I’ve had it a while but it’s not been released so it hasn’t been overplayed yet, apart from by me! Anyway amazing track, possibly one of my favourite of Lee’s which is a big accolade!

Favorite dj at present and why?

Favourite DJ is a tough one as you kind of only end up being at parties which play the music you most identify with, so I’m only really familiar with a handful of DJs and where they’re at at the moment. They also all happen to be all my best friends! So predictable answer but gonna have to say my boys which is Jamie, Lee, Richy and Rob…

Its our first birthday tell us what to expect from a Russ Yallop set?

Ok a typical set from me actually contains a mixed bag of ‘moods’. Definitely expect a dark tangent at some point, I’m I big fan of darkness so always go on a dark run and get a bit evil at some point. The start of the set is normally groovy, get people’s hips shaking before u try to step up or step down anywhere. They’ll def be a peak where some thumpers get aired, gotta av it larrrge at some point ;). And usually and somewhat predictably wrap things up with tracks which have that uplifting and conclusive vibe about them, send ‘em off with a smile! 😀

What is your favourite drink?

Favourite drink is a big question for a booze head like me as have different drinks for different parts of the night. Usually start on the beers, draught preferably. After a few beers I start looking and feeling like I’m pregnant so move onto the shorts, usually vodka cranberry or if I’m in a bit of sleep debt vodka red bull. Once I start to slur and stagger too much I ditch the spirits and move onto the after partier’s trusted friend, cider. Once the cider starts to lose it’s appeal the Agua gets it’s turn which usually accompanies me to my bed. So my favourite drink depends on what time u ask me really, and if u ask me when I’m in the studio it’ll have to be a Tetley, no sugar 😉

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