It don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing!

The UK leaders of the scene.

Now it’s rare when we find a new genre in electronic music, dubstep is the only one of recent years that has actually been a new sound. (jackin this and tech that, we’re music journalists and we can’t up!) With so many PR’s all out to find a new spin on what their artists are playing its a rare thing these days to simply find someone who plays ‘house’ or ‘techno’. But for once we’re pleased to find that the latest buzz genre really is something all of its own. Yes boys and girls, welcome to Electro Swing.

The concept is simple, take the best music from the 20’s and 30’s, from swing, jazz and bigband, and fuse it with the best in modern electronic music. The genre takes in everything from the dance music realm, from hip hop to funk and from house to drum and bass. The result is a highly dance floor focused sound that’s simply infectious, I defy anyone to not smile when listening to it, it’s pure unashamed fun, coupled with some heavy bass for good measure. Musically the two forms sit perfectly together, Swing is fast tempo and high energy, the dance music of its day, resulting in a perfect fusion of old and new.
Unlike some of the more serious genres of dance music, where you may find the DJ looking solemn behind a bank of technology, electro swing nights are all about showing off. Elaborate decor, performers and fancy dress are often found alongside the artists, and it’s very much a global movement, with nights springing up in Britain, France, Switzerland and America. So we’d thought we’d give you the beginners guide to electro swing.

The Correspondents.

Pretty much the best know in the UK for pioneering the Electro Swing Movement, if you’ve been to a festival this year there’s a good chance you may have caught their antics. The DJ/MC duo. Mr Bruce and Mr Chuckles are a sight to behold. Mr Chuckles dances around like a mad man in some spectacular outfits, on a treadmill (no really!), MCing whilst Mr Bruce skilfully swing-fused tracks from hip hop right through the bpm’s to DnB.

Freshly Squeezed Music.

The mainstay label of the genre, and home to many of the UK’s electro Swing producers, this Brighton Based label have been releasing the genre, well, since before it was a genre.

White Mink : Black Cotton

What started out as a launch party for compilation CD series; White Mink : Black Cotton (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz), became the accidental hub of a clubbing scene and subsequently a hot festival circuit attraction. White Mink also runs the regularly sold out Electro Swing nights at London’s Book Club, our own pop-up nights and has hosted stages at dozens of major UK festivals since 2009.

The production company is run by a stylish triumvirate of Nick Hollywood, Chris Tofu and Dan O’Neill (each of them pretty serious players in the music industry.)Under the White Mink name they bring together the finest DJs, VJs, live bands, dancers, cabaret and burlesque performers for an unforgettable and unrivalled speakeasy experience.

The White Mink Black cotton completion series pretty mush defines the genre, with volume 3 on its way. Take the amazing Chambermaid swing, by Parov Stellar, as featured on the first White Mink compilation, proving you can still have an underground edge whilst embracing the genre.

Swing Republic.

Yes there’s even Electro Swing in Denmark! Swing Republic began life as a side-project for a platinum-selling Danish producer (who co-wrote Germany’s biggest selling album of 2010). He began remixing the swing music that he loved with modern beats and licensed several tracks to various compilations. Now there is a full Album to get your ears around – Electro Swing Republic, and a UK tour kicking off in October.

Drum boogie (feat Gene Krupa) by Swing Republic

Lyre Le Temps.

This French trio released their debut album Lady Swing in 2010. To be honest we’ve struggled to find much info on them that’s not in French, so we present them to you not as a ‘leaders of the new sound’ but simply because this track is awesome.

The nights to catch:

Like what you hear? Well here our selection of nights to get your swing on at these – click on the images for the facebook:

Oct 1st – Madame Electrifie’s Discotech: Northampton

Lady Swing, Madame Electrifie and Master Remark.

8th Oct – Speakeasy Liverpool

With Riot Jazz, Burnitov, Dogs Pocket and more



15 Oct – Electro Swing at the Bookclub. London

Arguably the most well know electro swing night in the country; Electro Swing at the Bookclub is presented by the team behind White Mink, so you can be assured this is one of the best.

Facebook –

Oct 18th Jitterbug: Nottingham