Mixmag Celebrates 30 Years of Sven Vath this September…

To commemorate an incredible thirty year career behind the decks, the September Mixmag cover CD sees Sven Väth mixing together some of his classic productions dating right back to 1986! The CD is a celebration of the work of a true legend that has dedicated his entire life to dance music… You can listen below to a fifteen minute preview of the CD here:

Sven Väth: Cover CD by Mixmag

Also making an appearance on the back cover is a breakdown of Papa Sven’s comments on each track – we can share that with you here:

16 Bit – Where Are You? ( 1986) “Not my first ever record–my second, but still very special for me. We had such fun making it; it was a big chart hit all over Europe. It’s electro-new-beat-pop. Around this time I started getting booked for DJ gigs. Remember DJ culture was just beginning.

Off – Electrica Salsa ( 1986) Thanks to this and 16 Bit, suddenly I was a popstar at 22! I was on tour with Kim Wilde, the Cure and Curiosity Killed The Cat. It was No.1 in Italy. Young and naive I got no rights on the copyright, yet they made millions from it. Fuckers!

Barbarella – My Name Is Barbarella (1992) I’d quit my pop career because of too much pressure from the record companies. I wanted to focus on DJing and I’d started my labels IQ and Harthouse. This became a huge club hit. I remember walking into ‘Save The Robots’ – the best afterhours New York club at the time, and DJ Keoki was playing it–I felt great.

Metal Master – Spectrum (1992) Released on Harthouse, I played it at the Love Parade the same year and people went crazy for it.

Sven Väth – An Accident in Paradise (1992) I had a life-changing trip to India with a little DAT recorder and came back with all these samples for the album of the same name

Sven Väth – Ritual Of Life (1992) Uses a sample of a recording I made from a digeredoo player on the beach.

Sven Väth – L’Esperanza (1992) So once I had all these samples I worked with Matthias Hoffmann to make my first solo artist album: ‘Accident In Paradise’– the last three tracks here are from it.

Sven Väth – Dein Schweiss (1999) Off the ‘Contact’ album. I did this track with Johannes Heil in his Frankfurt studio.

Väth vs Rother – Komm (2004) Anthony Rother is a brilliant musician with some incredible studio tricks. I had a great working relationship with him.

Väth vs Rother – Springlove (2006) Another gem with Rother, and a turning point for my life. I decided to focus more on taking Cocoon worldwide as opposed to producing. After ten artist albums I wanted to focus more on the environment: picking the artists to play at the events and taking care of the club.


Mixmag September edition is out NOW!!