MGMT prep Late Night Tales

Formed in Brooklyn circa 2002 you might say the success of multi-instrumentalists Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwassers has been somewhat slow burning. After all, it was a full six years until the debut album, Oracular Spectacular, arrived.

When it did though tunes like Kids and Time To Pretend took the charts stateside and in the UK by storm, and immediately became an anthem for a disillusioned youth thanks to the British TV show Skins. Or perhaps that should just read drunk adolescents fat on complacency spending what little spare cash their hard working parents can spare on cheap ecstasy and cider. Either way this all meant when they followed up with a second LP last year expectations were rightly high. And while Congratulations was a sharp departure from the synth fuelled, bouncy indie pop of their formative release, it was a pretty decent, dark, and at times noise-like experiment with lots and lots of guitars.

Though relatively inexperienced when compared with some of the artists that have been featured in the series, what MGMT lack in industry years they clearly make up for with musical taste, as the tracklist for their forthcoming addition to the ever-burgeoning list of Late Night Tales proves. Arriving on October 3rd, the disc leans heavily towards post punk and lesser known indie (as in independent) sounds, boasting names like Julian Cope, The Velvet Underground, and Suicide, while the band themselves appear via an exclusive cover of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Bauhaus. Tracklist below, and more details can be found when you click here.


Various Artists – Late Night Tales: MGMT

1. Disco Inferno – Can’t See Through It
2. The Great Society – Love You Girl
3. Suicide – Cheree
4. Television Personalities – Stop & Smell The Roses
5. The Velvet Underground – Ocean
6. Felt – Red Indians
7. Julian Cope – Laughing Boy
8. The Durutti Column – For Belgium Friends
9. Charlie Feathers – Mound of Clay
10. Mark Fry – For Wilde
11. MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Exclusive Cover Version)
12. Cheval Sombre – Troubled Mind
13. Dave Bixby – Drug Song
14. The Jacobites – Hearts Are Like Flowers
15. The Chills – Pink Frost
16. Martin Rev – Sparks
17. The Wake – Melancholy Man
18. Spacemen 3 – Lord Can You Hear Me?
19. Pauline Anna Strom – Morning Splendor
10. Paul Morley – Lost For Words Part. 2 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)