Mulletover Halloween special revealed

Geddes and Co might have been behind less parties than in previous years in 2011, but that’s only because quality should always count for more than quantity. And the crew’s final throwdown before the end of December is further evidence of this.

So that well regarded London party Mulletover will celebrate Halloween on Saturday, October 29th, somewhere in London. What’s more they have invited a Germanic techno contingency to help them make sure people are dancing, rather than trying to escape a deranged man wearing a hockey mask. Steve Bug, the man behind Dessous, Poker Flat, and Audiomatique, will be in the house, no doubt dropping some smooth, deep and melody tinged tunes. And there’s also the small matter of Cocoon mainstay and respected globetrotting jock Tobi Neumann, who should also bring plenty to the party. Full details below, along with a video from last year’s event to get you in the mood. Oh yeah, and click here for tickets.