Keep an eye out for… Rainbow Arabia

In all honesty you will have probably heard of them already, given the fact we reviewed a pretty stunning single of theirs back in February. And there have been plenty of festival dates throughout the summer too.

Just in case you hadn’t come across the name before though we thought it best to shine a little light on the Californian act christened Rainbow Arabia, a double team who dropped a second full length effort earlier this year on the ever-impressive Kompakt. Their debut LP was a self released package in 2008, the GGD Tour CD, and their oeuvre boasts a further four discs (EPs and singles), but 2011’s album Boys & Diamonds has certainly seen their popularity amongst some of the more discerning music publications – be that online or in print – skyrocket. And it’s not hard to see why.

Danny & Tiffany Preston, as the players are really called, make a kind of music that in many ways longs to live in Berlin, circa 1985. Yet despite this apparent position as ‘just another nostalgic synth pop band’, their sound couldn’t be further from the truth, what with all those tribal edges demanding further inspection. Call it arabesque, call it Middle Eastern influenced, either way the power of those keyboards is matched by a vivacity in drum patterns and tempo, meaning it’s very difficult not to enjoy what they produce. Introductions aside we’ll hand it over to them and let the following soundtracks do the talking.