Plain & Simple live at the big chill. Superstar DJ’s here we go.




So here we are at day 2 of the Big Chill, and we have to start off by giving a rather large nod to the chemical Brothers who headlind the main stage last night. They took the audience through a rollercoaster of old and new school highs, with enough of a live show twist to ensure the performance was so much more then just hearing the album tracks played out in a generic format. With amazing visuals and tension building break downs the audience was on a knife edge throughout, as they built to a epic finish with ‘believe’. The main bonus at the main stage here at the chill that the sound quality is perfect, meaning a good 5 thousand revellers all got to share the experience.

From there we headed over to catch xxxy on the peoples ear stage. Laying down dirty tech ridden beats that you would struggle to pigeon hole in a
specific genre, dj-wise this was the most innovative sets we’ve heard thus far this weekend.

From there it was over to the starburst stage to catch the tail end of global communication. Tom Middleton has a big presence over the festival this weekend. Playing at least three times alongside curating his own stage. In the monkier that made his name, we were treated to an anthology of dance music across the decades, finishing in a drum and bass crushendo that charged the air and left everyone begging for more.

Today’s highlights included The Bullets, with a warm hip hop meets-rock sound that did the main stage sound system justice. The highlight of the festival so far however has to be Janelle Monae, an innovative performer who needs to be seen to be believed.

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