Jay Tripwire feat Alexander East ‘Do Me This Way EP’

Jay Tripwire feat Alexander East / Do Me This Way EP (Pezzner, MarcAshken, DeadEcho remixes)

Vinyl / Digital

Save You Records / Released April 21st 2011


What does it sound like?

Jay Tripwire’s classic 2004 workout, with the vocals of Alexander East providing anthemic loops and a huge chorus- “Release me baby / I don’t know why you do me this way.” Only re-released, with hypnotic, dubby remixes.

For those inexperienced that means an slice of soulful, sub-driven house music in the original. Like a fine wine it has matured with age, so seven years on that wobbly hook and stepping tempo still sound fresh. Then Seattle’s Pezzner takes things into techier territory, introducing a mind-altering, warped analogue melody, subtle organ and rolling rhythm, creating something that nods to the likes of Soul Mekanik and Jeff Samuels.

And, elsewhere, DeadEcho toughens up even more, by accentuating the staccato bassline and choppy percussion, while adding an electro edge to the back to basics vibe. Which is along the same lines as MarkAshken, whose groove infected, Terry-style outing is so full of reverse samples and toybox effects it’s hard not to smile, and tap at least one toe.

Where would I dance to it?

In the first instance somewhere saturated in warm afternoon rays, with the liquor flowing like rapids and ear to ear beams on all visible faces. Failing that clubs soundtracked by deep, chugging house that shares a low-end likeness with Wiggle et al and isn’t afraid of a true sing-a-long tune.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

How about the wonderfully familiar lyrics of the old version, prouder of  its straight up classical four-four roots than most things this side of Frankie Knuckles. Sexy and sunkissed.

Why should I pay for it?

Established in 2010 Save You stunned us last year with MarcAshken and DeadEcho’s wonderfully sleazy She’s All Over Me, and have done good again here. Support their work.

Where can I buy it?