Marc Romboy ‘Overture’

Marc Romboy / ‘Overture’

Vinyl / Digital

Tronic / Released February 21st 2011

It’s with something of a death synth that the latest from this particular German producer turned dance music A&R builds out of Christian Smith’s stable. And we really do mean build.

If anyone’s looking for raw warehouse vibes, this is a fine example. Things open with a crescendo of sharp hats and aforementioned monotones peaks, before crashing into a flat beat- perfect to bring things back to the boil threatened in the intro. Which is good, because that’s exactly what happens. Soon we’re rolling with drum machines through dark acid sounds, before strings ease the intensity away with a welcome break.

Shades of Chicago, Detroit, and just about every other industrial party town in the world are evident from the outset, and while the same can be said for the Egbert mix, the original is a rawer cut to say the least. It also benefits from a subtle, well worked switch from semi-euphoria, to rougher moods to introduce the second half.

The only remix takes things down shufflier routes and chooses to keep it all understated, despite a surprise attack from a stabbing rave hoover, while ensuring there are enough solid kicks and elusive snares to still keep everything interesting enough. By no means a bad thing, which of the two gets picked will depend merely on what time in the morning it is.