DMC launch online mixing championships.

DMC, pioneers of the WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS, have announced a brand new online competition which will be open to DJs anywhere in the world at

Launching on the 3rd February 2011, the online comp will be an annual event which promises to secure the art of the DJ for years to come, placing it before a global audience and opening the DMC competition up to every DJ in the world.

As well as the impressive title, trophy and prizes, The 2011 DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPION will win an all-expenses paid trip to the 2011 WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS in London where they will be eligible to enter the live event taking on the rest of the world’s national DJ Champions on stage.

There will be no limitations on the equipment the DJs wish to use in their performances, however should they win the online DJ championship they will be required to abide by the equipment stipulations of the live DMC world championships (which for the first time will allow DVS ) in the September/October Final.

The basic dynamics of the online championships will commence with contestants uploading their filmed two minute performance followed by public voting which will deliver fortnightly winners. The public’s short list will then be judged by DMC World DJ Champions who will put a winner and a runner up through to the Final.

In the August Finals, the last DJs standing will be required to perform a full 6 minute set with public voting leading to the ten most popular who will then be judged by former DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONS. The world’s most creative DJs are now preparing to take part in the biggest DJ Championships in the world!

Tony Prince, DMC’s founder explains: “Even though we attract over 30 nations to enter the DMC’s each year, we are painfully aware that lots of wannabe DMC World Champions live in countries where we have no representation. Having recently changed the rules to allow DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) into the live event, we are aware that this will open the door to DJs in places where vinyl by passed them in clubland in favour of CD”

Sally McLintock, DMC’s Events Manager announced: “DMC has always responded to the DJs which is why we’re now entering our 27th year. The Online Championships is set to be the biggest online DJ creative journey the world has yet witnessed. There are no limitations on equipment and because of this we can enter into a creative expansion with the DJs who can finally use any equipment they like whilst they may enter a pure vinyl turntablist set if they wish. A truly exciting time for DMC and the DJ! The DJ world’s greatest creative journey is about to take place!”