Simian Mobile Disco produce new Beth Ditto EP

Beth Ditto will be releasing a 4 track solo EP in January through Deconstruction Records. Produced by Simian mobile disco, The Gossips front woman’s incredible vocal ability gets given an altogether more stripped down, raw and electronic feel.

We got a sneak preview and as a stand-alone release the EP is yummy electronica goodness, however every track is screaming for some amazing remixes (remember what Soulwax did for Standing in The Way of Control?) which we can’t wait to get our ears around. The first track Goodnight Good Morning gives us some stripped down electronica, whereas track 3 I wrote the book is much more housey, and across the whole EP there’s a distinctive vintage synth vibe.

 We haven’t had an official release date as yet but promo is on the way out so expect it to drop soon.