Patrick Siech ‘Crude’

Patrick Siech / ‘Crude’
Vinyl / MP3
Drumcode / Released December 1st 2010

If someone was to ask what makes Drumcode so special, the average techno fan’s response would invariably be the percussion. Or perhaps the white noise. Then again, there’s also the density of those kick drops.

Suffice to say the imprint has a lot to answer for. And 2010 has seen more slabs of dark meat driving out of the stall than from most butchers’ back doors. But far from rotten, each one has almost always been damn tasty. With Patrick Siech’s label debut, the long term Swedish DJ and promoter joins the list of esteemed countrymen who have made a mark on Beyer’s baby.

So has the trend for quality continued? Well, yes, pretty much. And that same white noise is there- most notably above the tribal rhythms and haunting chimes of B-sider Bad Carnival, but also across the titler. That other stylistic trait of nation and label, the complex drum and hi-hat arrangements, is also more than evident. For a sound that doesn’t really do that much, by definition, the Swedes certainly make things feel a lot more exciting than pretty much anyone else does.

Most sensible heads will opt for Crude, which offers up a peak time assault of dubbed out horns, galloping cymbals and occasional organ stabs. A time stretched breakdown later and everything feels even more like you’re driving on the motorway at night, making for a perfectly inoffensive, but nonetheless anabolic 2am crowd control tool. Use wisely.